Erlend Helling-Larsen: The intimacy of embroidery

Erllend Helling- Larsen is a Norwegian embroidery artists whose work has multiple contrasts throughout, those include masculinity and femininity, popular culture, handicraft and artistic production. Instead of embroidering onto fabric, Erllend Helling -Larsen works into paper, to be more specific, the pages of Playboy magazines and others similar. He takes the naked/ poorly dressed women these pages and potentially dresses them in stitch.

‘ A few well placed stitches can be as cheeky as a whole dress’ 

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Thread does not just sit on the surface like pen or pencil, it goes through the surface and becomes part of it. Thread gives you the ability to create texture, join bits together and to create a whole new layer to a page.  I think the delicate stitches work really well on the pages of these magazines as they are not over powering and in most of of them they even look like they are meant to be there. They also do not fully cover the women, so it does not look like a protest against nudity but a tasteful cover up.  I want to test out other ways to incorporate paper into my embroideries, hand and machine and see what I can come up with. For the first stage I will hand embroidery into my photos to perhaps bring to light what I think is most important in a photo or pick out a similar aspect in each photo to emphasis.

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